New survey out!

Hi all

I’ve been working on this on and off since the end of last year and, along with my cohorts at BWA, have this new survey that we would very much appreciate you completing. We had such amazing data from our 2008 survey that we wanted to revisit this – which was always the plan – to see if things have changed. It is a little different although mostly this was to iron out the difficulties in interpreting the first questionnaire.

2008 was a different place in terms of both speaking out about equality, discrimination and sexuality, but also in technical terms. Our first survey was a Word doc, and participants either completed it online, emailed it to us and trusted we would delete their email addresses to keep it anonymous (I did this personally), or printed it off and posted it to me. Consequently the responses we had, while just under 100, were much more effort for you to complete (and for us to analyse the data!) than this method. This should be far easier all round and I hope we will get many more responses.  While this survey is anonymous, the survey will log your IP address.

Finally I (Anne Teather) have to take the lion’s share of responsibility for this. Social media including facebook and Twitter provide fast and open spaces for comment and I hope all will see the benefit of our work here and your contributions. But if anyone does have a problem or question, it is my responsibility alone for finalising and publishing this survey. I welcome comments either on here, our facebook page or email me directly using The more quickly I’m notified of issues, the more quickly I can act.

That said, I know how valuable this kind of survey is in generating important data for us – that includes other groups such as the CIfA’s Equality and Diversity Interest Group, and Trowelblazers (both of whom we work with closely). We all want to hear from you and hope very much you will take the time to complete it.




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