Quick review of 2017

The few posts here belie the activity that has taken place for women in archaeology this year. Today seems a good day to give y’all a quick summary of the main points that come to mind, although it isn’t comprehensive.

For me, the year was book-ended with conversations about The Inclusive Archaeology Project https://inclusivearchaeology.wordpress.com/ Expect more to be happening with this through the spring.

Trowelblazers launched their amazing exhibition in February which is on tour – check their website and blog for details! http://trowelblazers.com/raising-horizons-is-go/

The Day of Archaeology sparked a lot of posts from women in the sector, and you might enjoy reading this from Cat Rees http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/archaeology-and-family-life-the-joy-of-the-summer-holidays/  Her view on the relationship between pregnancy and actually having children; and also on commercial archaeology fieldwork and that of research projects is very relevant. This also seems partly in response to #womendigging and also wider discussions of women in science that were current this summer. However in the midst of the Christmas break when many of you will be struggling with childcare issues, it seems a good time to flag it up.

Also, Cat and Kayt Hawkins were responsible for RESPECT Acting Against Harassment in Archaeology guide you can find here http://www.bajr.org/BAJRGuides/44.%20Harrasment/Sexual-Harassment-in-Archaeology.pdf I think that this is really excellent work. Again, David Connolly’s commitment and support for a better Archaeology seems unending.

Finally, my posts on here about women in the field and in the kitchen on digs prompted further posts on different blogs. I’m delighted that Julia Roberts wrote this https://harngroup.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/this-week-archaeowomen/ and the always excellent archaeologist and blogger Eleanor Scott wrote a great piece on the importance of food on excavation, and also started a series of posts with recipes that look delicious https://eleanorscottarchaeology.com/dig-food-blog/2017/7/20/excavation-challenges-food-fieldwork-and-difference

We seem to have come a long way since last December, partly due to wider world events that have given issues of sexual harassment and discrimination a platform. There is still much to be done. Today though, let’s acknowledge the women (and men) working everyday to make their workplaces better for all.

Very best wishes for an excellent 2018!



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