A very big hello and welcome to you for visiting our blog. The BWA (British Women Archaeologists) is a small group of organisers and a bigger group of others who are interested in the achievements and challenges of women working and studying in archaeology, heritage, museums and others. Despite some hiccoughs along the way we are still here, providing an online space for people to connect with each other. We have an active facebook community and are on Twitter (@archaeowomen), and we also appear at conference venues (though only remotely at the moment!).

NOW – after 12 years it’s time for change. The realities of intersectionality and structural inequalities mean that if we want to effect change, we need first to change ourselves. We need a formal structure. If you want to be involved contact Anne on womeninarchaeology@hotmail.com

The BWA was formed following a survey in 2008 to assess if there was a demand for a women’s group in archaeology in the UK. It was, with women reporting an interest in becoming more engaged with other women in the profession. We are however open to men, non-archaeologists, and you don’t have to be British either!

We could use your help!
We are aware that we are the third (or fourth, or even fifth) women’s group in archaeology over the last 30 years. Were you part of one of these groups? Can you help build a picture of the history of women’s groups in UK archaeology? Do you have any photographs? We would really like to hear about it.

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