A summer of recovery

It’s been an emotionally tough 18 months for those of us working within equality, hence the posts tailing off. It’s difficult to maintain perspective when women and some men are being triggered by #MeToo and most recently, Kavanaugh. If you were without media for a couple of months you may not have seen it so here’s one of the many links http://uk.businessinsider.com/brett-kavanaugh-sexual-assault-misconduct-allegations-2018-9

So on one hand, some men are apparently being sanctioned like Kevin Spacey removal from House of Cards https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/house-of-cards-kevin-spacey-netflix-final-season-episodes-number-latest-news-updates-a8091686.html  but others get promoted. It has made me wonder how much traction and progress is being made by shining a light on past behaviours with women visibly suffering in the meantime. Words fail me when trying to summarise how I felt watching Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, it was simply courage in action.

It was ten years ago, next month, when we officially launched BWA. At that time, the internet was just growing into popular use and the speed and breadth of communication has changed dramatically. For many years we have had online groups through facebook to talk, some public and some private, and I know that we all gain a lot through at least being heard.

Visibility helps but can be at great individual cost. Not everyone has to do that but communicating in safe spaces leads to some perspective. It also stimulates plans and progress. There are things to tell about ts this summer that are positive, I will check progress and post soon. But this is a long road not a short hop. Courage.

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