Survey update

We have had an incredible 319 responses at last count – thank you all very much! While many of you have no bother, there are still issues in the field and in the office where an expectation of gendered action (taking notes/making tea) is notable. Having children appears to be a major stumbling block, though the issues are complex. Some of you are frustrated about other gendered tasks. The expectation of working long hours for all archaeologists are perceived as a barrier to home and family life, as are the poor salaries. The feedback we get here is just fabulous and while I stomp around my computer feeling angry when you’re angry or upset, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Previously we have used comments, anonymously, in oral presentations as your words are powerful (and at many times hilariously witty and dark!). I should have asked permission on the survey to use these in publication and I will publicise this more widely later in the year. We want your voices, protected by anonymity, but if you do not want any of your  words to be used in this way you can email me at with your age and occupation and we can try to track your data in the system and protect comments from further use. Sometimes participants have mentioned sites/units/universities – anything like that will be removed so don’t worry.

Again, thank you.



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